Warranty and Insurance


Warranty and Insurance

Having a sound insurance policy not only protects you in the event of asset loss, but can also provide greater financial security for your family and loved ones in the event of life changes. Far more than car, home, and contents insurance – a greater level of repose comes with income protection, life, and trauma insurance. Here at Valor, we provide you with a comprehensive overview of your perspective options, before working among our network of specialised providers to get you the best policy possible. Contact us today for your free initial consultation.

Home Insurance

Home insurance (also called building insurance or property insurance) will help to cover the cost of damage to – or destruction of – your home, garage, other outbuildings, and permanent fixtures such as built-in wardrobes in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Income Protection

Income Protections pays you a benefit if you are unable to works for a period of time because of illness or injury. This insures you for a set level of income throughout the course of your illness or injury and will pay you until you can work or for the agreed period – whichever event comes sooner.

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance provides protection to you and your family, in the event of damage or loss of personal possessions. This type of insurance can cover anything from a pair of designer sunglasses to a flat-screen TV or precious jewellery. Contents Insurance and Home Insurance can be bought separately, or combined into one policy purchase.

Personal Insurance

Personal insurance looks to cover and protect you in the event of a life, trauma or a Total/Permanent Disability. This insurance can provide a lump sum payment to your beneficiaries upon your death, or in the event of your diagnosis with a terminal illness, Life insurance can help to better protect your family financially should you pass away.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance is designed to protect your finances if your vehicle is involved in an accident, is stolen or damaged. Choosing the policy that’s right for you depends in-part, on what you are able to comfortably afford. For some, comprehensive coverage is a no-brainer, however with an added cost, some will find that their circumstances are more suited to the lower cost, higher risk; third-party fire and damage insurance.

Finance Protection Insurance

Finance Protection Insurance provides two levels of cover in the event you become involuntarily unemployed or suffer and accident or illness which prevents you from working. The policy you choose will either allow you to return return the asset or vehicle to the seller or, assist you with making payments to your financial institution while you get back your financial footing.

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty is designed to insure that you don’t worry about future breakdowns. Drive in comfort knowing you’re prepared for any unexpected repairs. At Valor, we can offer a used car warranty on any vehicle purchase, in addition to being able to help you finance your next dream car.

Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance can cover you for a range of different insurance events; from the usual home insurance inclusions for fire and natural disasters, to incidents related to your tenants’ lease.

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