Business Finance


Business Finance

Our team at Valor will help you navigate your way through the whole process of commercial finance from doing the research to finding and securing a the right loan, that is structured most effectively to help your business thrive and increase your chances of long term success. Our knowledgeable brokers will review your business plans, and help you understand these key questions:

  • What documentation do I need to present?
  • What is my borrowing capacity?
  • What type of loan is most suitable to my business?
  • What should you secure your SME loan with? (residential or non-residential assets)

Asset Finance

Our asset financing solutions offer flexible and fast approvals, helping to get you financed in a lot of areas where other lenders won’t, by financing up to 100% of the value of new and/or aged equipment value. We can also cover imported assets, and second hand equipment. Our solutions can also fund pre-purchased equipment and can be used for capital raises, meaning that new semi-trailer or excavator you purchased can also represent the security for a loan, along with being a helpful tool to your business growth!

Trade Finance

If you’re managing the import or export of goods and need a cash flow injection to pay off one of your accounts payable, or to just maintain solid cash flow whilst you away being paid, then Valor’s Trade Financing solutions can help you. With funding for up to 90% of the cost price, payment options in multiple currency denominations, and flexible solutions on 30, 60 and 90 Day terms – we are designed to help your business thrive!

Cash Flow Finance

Invoice Finance solutions at Valor allow you to access the cash in your unpaid invoices today. This can greatly improve your business’ cash flows for those who are use to waiting on their debtors for payment. At Valor, we want you to be able to invest in your growth, paying suppliers, employees and all other business related overheads without first needing to wait for your invoices to be paid.

Car Finance

Novated Lease

This finance option involves a salary sacrificing arrangement between you and your employer. They commit to taking on the repayments of your car finance, deducting from your pre-tax income, which has potential tax benefits for you. Essentially, the lending institution retains ownership of the car, which you have the option to buy at the end of the novated term, generally 3 to 5 years.

The benefits of a novated lease can be:

  • Accessible on most salary levels,
  • Can combine finance and running costs into one easy payment,
  • Maximise tax savings,
  • Option to lease a new or used car

Financial Lease

With a finance lease, your bank will purchase the vehicle on your behalf, and then leases it back to you for a fixed monthly payment. At the conclusion of the lease the you can pay a residual value (final instalment) on the lease, trade it in or re-finance the residual and continue the lease.

The benefits of a finance lease include:

  • Flexible contract terms 1-5 years,
  • Fixed interest rate and monthly repayments,
  • Ability to make advance payments to for tax deductions or cash flow purposes.

Hire Purchase

With a hire purchase arrangement, a lending institution purchases the car on your behalf, and then hires it back to you over a set period. Ownership of the vehicle remains with the financier until the end of the hire term, when you can then take over ownership once any residual and insurance costs have been settled.

The benefits of a hire purchase solution are:

  • Flexible hire contract terms,
  • Fixed interest rate,
  • All costs are known in advance,
  • Tax benefits (if some business use),
  • No GST on repayments.

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